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Q: How can a Speech-Language Pathologist help my child?
A: Approximately 75% of language is developed by the age of 4. A Speech-Language Pathologist can prevent, identify, evaluate, treat and rehabilitate individuals with communication delays or disorders. Early identification and treatment of hearing, speech and language disorders can prevent problems with behavior, learning reading and social interaction.

Q: Should my child's speech and language skills be evaluated?
A: Children as young as 12-18 months should probably be seen by a professional if their parents suspect delayed communication skills. An early evaluation is essential if there is a problem. Many parents of children who are "slow to speak" may hesitate to seek advice because they feel "he/she will grow out of it" or "he/she's just more interested in physical things". There is concrete evidence that intervention beginning during the infancy or preschool years has greater impact on a child's social and emotional development and academic success, than intervening during the school age years.

Q: What is a speech and language evaluation?
A: A speech and language evaluation is the measurement of a person's communication skills. It is done to find out if a person has communication problems. The evaluation is done by a speech and language clinician (Pathologist). An evaluation may be done at school, hospital clinic, private office, or your home. The speech and language clinician gathers information by asking questions about your child and testing your child. Depending upon the age and attention span of the child, the evaluation may be completed in one day or spread over many sessions. Before your child is evaluated, you may be asked to answer questions or complete written forms about your child.

Q: When should I contact a professional for advice?

  • Your baby does not react to your voice
  • Your baby does not smile or make sounds when awake
  • Your baby does not babble or explore with sounds
  • Your toddler does not use gestures or attempt to gain your attention
  • At 15 months your child does not use sounds or words
  • Your child started to use words, then stopped
  • At 21 months your child only says about 10 words
  • Your child does not pretend to play with toys
  • At 24 months your child uses fewer words (less than 50) and does not put words together
  • At 2-3 years your child is frustrated with talking
  • Your child has trouble following directions
Source: weetalk.net

Q: How do I know if my child is delayed?
A: Between the ages of three and five a child's language expands rapidly. During these years the child takes the words they acquired during their toddler years and works towards mastering the rules of their language. These rules of language are acquired through imitation, book sharing, question answering, role playing and peer interaction.

  • 12-15 months (First True Words Appear) a child should make sounds of familiar animals, play social games (patty cake), use words to represent things, understand simple concepts and directions, continue to use lots of gestures and sounds and play with a variety of toys.
  • 18-21 months a child should use 10-25 words, make sounds with more than 5 consonant sounds, imitate words you say, learn new words each week, combine words together, identify body parts, put actions together and identify objects when named.
  • 24-30 months use at least 50 words by 2nd birthday, use expressive vocabulary range of 100-200+ words, make simple sentences, recognize pictures in books, engage in play with real objects, carry on conversations, from some plurals, answer simple questions, talk to other children and adults.
  • By age 3-4 a child should say 800-1500 words, identify colors, use 3-4 word sentences, ask questions, engage in conversation, and use language to manipulate adults and peers.
  • At the age of 4-5 a child should say 900-2000 words, use sentences of 6-8 words, tell stories, follow complex commands, tell own address, produce most consonant soudns, count to 10 by rote, answer questions in stories, enjoy playing with rhyming words...and much...much more!

Using developmental milestons, such as those listed above, you can compare your child's development with that of other children the same age.

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